WWII Temporary Buildings

Fort Leonard Wood is relatively young as far as army installations go, established as the United States prepared for entry into WWII. After the passage of the Selective Service Act in 1940 (the military draft) new and expanded training facilities were necessary in order to train the hundreds of thousands of draftees entering military service. 46 new army installations were created during this period, including Fort Leonard Wood. Each of these new installations would require hundreds of buildings to house, feed, and train incoming soldiers. To enable the quick and efficient construction of these buildings, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Quartermaster General created a series of standardized building plans for over 300 building types, including barracks, offices, chapels, mess halls, etc. Though these buildings were all intended to be temporary, many survive today on army installations throughout the country. Pictured here are a few of the WWII temporary buildings that survive at Fort Leonard Wood, including a barracks, mess hall, and chapel.

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