Public History

MWM Preservation offers a variety of services that fall under the umbrella of “public history” (the application of history outside of the classroom or academic environment). MWM Preservation services include the development of content and design for educational materials, multimedia presentations, exhibit design, history tours, website content, and more. Beginning with extensive research and multimedia collection, MWM Preservation develops rich historic material into visually interesting and compelling material geared toward your target audience.

Exhibit Design

MWM Preservation exhibit design services include research and historical interpretation, gallery design, and the creation of eye-catching panels, signage, and imagery.

Video Media

MWM Preservation is available to produce history-focused multimedia content for your organization or institution. Click the images, below, to view examples of video content.

Andrew P. Stewart Center 100 Year Celebration Documentary. Research and Narration by Megan McDonald, Videography by Fraser Reade.

Website Content

MWM Preservation is available to develop history-based content for your public facing website or social media platforms.

Andrew P. Stewart Center “Our Story” webpage. History of the Andrew P. Stewart Center researched and compiled into a public facing webpage.

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