MWM Preservation specializes in conducting extensive, comprehensive research related to historic places, events, people, and things. Our research services can be utilized by clients for a variety of purposes, including the crafting of educational or promotional materials such as brochures, webpages, or interpretive signage. Our services are also available for more informal purposes, such as a family’s interest in the history of their home. Our comprehensive research services seek to provide an in-depth, multi-dimensional understanding of a research subject within the context of its time and place, rather than a simple compilation of dates and facts. Contact us for more information and to further discuss our research services.

For more information about research as it pertains to assessing a property’s eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, please see our Historic Preservation Services page.

Standard J-1 WWI Airplane Propeller

Research regarding the history of a family-owned airplane propeller. Click below to download a PDF of the report.

Andrew P. Stewart Center “Our History” webpage

100 year history of the Andrew P. Stewart Center researched and compiled into a public facing webpage. Click the image below to view the site.

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