WWII Temporary Buildings

Fort Leonard Wood is relatively young as far as army installations go, established as the United States prepared for entry into WWII. After the passage of the Selective Service Act in 1940 (the military draft) new and expanded training facilities were necessary in order to train the hundreds of thousands of draftees entering military service.Continue reading “WWII Temporary Buildings”

Rockwell Cemetery

Before it became a military installation in 1941, Fort Leonard Wood’s 61,000 acres were largely settled by subsistence farmers trying to eke out a living from the rocky soil. When the land was acquired by the military leading up to WWII, many of these families were understandably distraught about losing the land that had beenContinue reading “Rockwell Cemetery”

Countee Hall

My ability to explore Missouri’s historic resources has been somewhat limited due to COVID, but yesterday I finally stopped by Countee Hall here at Fort Leonard Wood. Historically a Black Officer’s club (one of the few remaining structures representative of segregation in the Army, which ended in 1948) the club features a beautiful mural paintedContinue reading “Countee Hall”